Who are Alternativas?


We build advocacy capacity for organized Civil Society, we promote strategic social investment and we work to create a favorable environment for participation in the public sphere, with the aim to contribute to social development.



Although there are many citizen initiatives in Mexico working to resolve our social problems, there is still a lot to improve.


Given the size and wealth of our country, the number of organizations and social investment is small.


Traditionally, the Church or State have been the main organizations responsible for meeting the social needs of the population, and for the same reason, citizen initiatives have not had an important role in development until now.


It is only recently that citizens, foundations, businesses, mass media and universities have felt a responsibility to organize and invest time and money to promote the common good.


Organized citizens do not look to avoid taxation, nor take advantage of public resources. Rather, we are allies working to advance public action in favor of development.

What does Alternativas do?

We help citizen alternatives build capacity for the social development of Mexico, focusing on three areas of action:






We develop vision and skills with organized citizens so that they can participate in, advocate for and improve social policy.



We seek to develop capacities among organized citizens so they can influence solutions to social problems, using the vision and necessary tools to conceive themselves as central actors in public policy processes.



We promote a strategic social investment with a vision of development to facilitate CSOs access to private financing available





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