Development policy

We work for policies, laws and a regulatory environment that favors the work of organized civil society.

At Alternativas we seek to promote a favorable atmosphere so that citizens are able to organize themselves more and in better ways. Specifically, we propose:


  1. A legal framework that minimizes entrance barriers, making it easy to evolve from a “spontaneous collective” to a legally constituted organization.
  2. Create a regulatory framework that incentivizes, diversifies and redistributes economic resources for causes that are of public interest.
  3. Constitute a new institutional structure based on collaboration and co-financing public alliances between the government and civil society organizations (CSOs) with the principles of impartiality, transparency and effective accountability.


We work in two different ways:


Research: we are constantly spreading the results of our studies among civil society and through our manuals; we offer advice about how to fulfil their legal and financial obligations. Download our publications.  


Advocacy: we work on and participate in public policy advocacy processes that regulate the work of CSOs and we propose improvements to increase their development and sustainability. Using the results of our research, we suggest improvements in policies designed to promote civil society to civil servants and legislators. 



Learn more about our projects to create a favorable environment for CSO growth and development.


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“Es importante aclarar que por disposición oficial de la LEY FEDERAL PARA LA PREVENCIÓN E IDENTIFICACIÓN DE OPERACIONES CON RECURSOS DE PROCEDENCIA ILÍCITA, atendiendo a las obligaciones contenidas en los arQculos 21 y 22 de la misma, la información y documentación proporcionada por usted será enviada a la SHCP mediante la presentación de avisos en los tiempos y bajo la forma prevista en esta ley."