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A transparent and accessible method of obtaining institutional and financial information about civil society organizations (CSOs) and donors, offering opportunities for collaboration and increased accountability in the social sector in Mexico.

¿What is Funds in Plain Sight?


Funds in Plain Sight is a web-based search engine with the most current and complete information about Mexican civil institutions and donors. We collect and systematize institutional and financial information about organizations from the registers of the Mexican Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administración Tributaria in Spanish, or SAT) and from the Federal Register of CSOs from INDESOL (the Mexican Institute for Social Development). We also encourage organizations’ direct participation to enrich this information, ensuring the database is both active and ever growing. 


To register and consult the database is free and open to all the public. The search engine filters organizations by type of work, geographical location, and the intended population they serve, as well as allowing searches for general information, income, expenditure and donations (1) in addition to annual and financial reports (2).


At Funds in Plain Sight we also generate specialized data sets such as tables, graphs and reports according to your specific needs.


What is  CSO transoarency and information important?


An organized and collaborative civil society is a fundamental element of any democracy. This is why we need strong and trustworthy CSOs, committed to their role as actors in the public interest, and in this way, they are accountable for their actions to different interested audiences, such as the government, donors, beneficiaries, collaborators, volunteers, other CSOs and society in general.


Similarly, it is important that these actors have verified and timely information about the work, strengths and needs of CSOs, allowing them to make decisions based on this knowledge. Thus, they will contribute more and in a better way to the development and capacity building of organizations and citizen initiatives, and, finally, for the development of Mexico.


(1) Information about income, expenditure and donations only available for authorized tax-exempt organizations.

(2) Information generated by the CSOs themselves, thus subject to availability.


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“Es importante aclarar que por disposición oficial de la LEY FEDERAL PARA LA PREVENCIÓN E IDENTIFICACIÓN DE OPERACIONES CON RECURSOS DE PROCEDENCIA ILÍCITA, atendiendo a las obligaciones contenidas en los arQculos 21 y 22 de la misma, la información y documentación proporcionada por usted será enviada a la SHCP mediante la presentación de avisos en los tiempos y bajo la forma prevista en esta ley."