Social Investment

We guide businesses and foundations by diagnosing, designing and evaluating their programs for social investment.

Donor entities play an important role as transforming agents in their communities. Alternativas helps them reach their potential with interventions that aid long-term development to build the capacities of the Mexican social sector.


Our work covers three different areas:


Monitoring: we work with community, independent, business and family foundations to create assessments, design and evaluate programs of strategic social investment, implement monitoring and evaluation methodologies and develop links between them to increase their social impact. Click here to get more information about our services


Training: through a variety of different methods, we offer custom-made tools to professionalize donors’ philanthropic activities, ensuring their actions and resources are invested strategically.


Research: we generate knowledge about the state of philanthropy in Mexico, best practice and trends in social investment in our country and the region. With our manuals, we guide those that look to create more specialized and professional investments. Download our publications. 


If you are interested in finding out more about our work, projects and services, write to [email protected]



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“Es importante aclarar que por disposición oficial de la LEY FEDERAL PARA LA PREVENCIÓN E IDENTIFICACIÓN DE OPERACIONES CON RECURSOS DE PROCEDENCIA ILÍCITA, atendiendo a las obligaciones contenidas en los arQculos 21 y 22 de la misma, la información y documentación proporcionada por usted será enviada a la SHCP mediante la presentación de avisos en los tiempos y bajo la forma prevista en esta ley."